Steve Gundy offers practical and effective coaching to enhance strengths, creating clarity and productivity for individuals living with ADHD.

Understand Your Challenges

People living with ADHD experience the challenge of staying on track with focus, organizing and sorting information productively, and staying calm while under pressure. Steve Gundy coaches people to leverage their strengths effectively, guiding them to achieve their goals in alignment with their natural abilities, so tasks are completed, time is saved, and calm is maintained during stressful situations.

Who We Serve

Your Life, Your Work, Your Way

Steve Gundy coaches young adults launching into adult life, marriages in which a spouse lives with ADHD and parents of children diagnosed with ADHD.

Meet Your Guide

Steve Gundy is not only a certified life coach and behavior consultant with over 25 years of experience, but he also shares your experiences.

Steve lives life with ADHD, and resolved the challenges by learning how to coach himself effectively. He uses that to coach people to overcome their own challenges.

Steve embodies authenticity, teamwork, and empathy. He is dedicated to lightening your load, uncovering your strengths and maximizing them for success. Steve has accumulated over 500 hours of coaching, supporting clients in overcoming their challenges and empowering their growth.

Our Commitment

Steve Gundy provides transformative coaching that develops your strengths in a practical and effective manner. Through a partnership of coaching, we create clarity and productivity in your life, helping you move from feeling stuck to making significant progress.

What We Offer

Individual Coaching

Tailored one-on-one sessions focusing on personal challenges and growth.

Family and Marital Support

Specialized strategies for families and couples dealing with ADHD in a loved one. 

Strategy Sessions

Immediate and actionable plans during strategy sessions to tackle your most pressing concerns. Your initial session is complimentary.

Our Approach

Steve Gundy Helps Guide Adults Living with ADHD to be Free From the Daily Struggle.

We envision possibilities and advance the gifts of those living with ADHD. Steve helps guide you, leveraging your strengths to achieve your goals in alignment with your natural abilities.

Coach Steve Gundy: The Professional Team Player To Lighten Your Load

Coach Steve Gundy is a “Team Player” walking with you to lighten the load.

Steve is a “Professional Partner” whose life has been touched by developmental challenges by supporting his young adult special needs son.

Steve has lived with his own developmental challenges, worked it out in his life, and figured out how to coach himself and uses that to coach families living life with ADHD.

Praise From Clients

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